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Seminars on Compassion Fatigue

As part of my services, I offer three seminars that deal with issues surrounding Compassion Fatigue. Each seminar is customizable to suit the unique needs of your group or organization. 

1. Understanding Compassion Fatigue

A seminar about learning to care well in the face of traumatic stress. Read more...

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2. Steps to Healthy Care Giving

A proactive compassion fatigue seminar to help you think about the personal costs of caring. Read more...

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3. Restoring Health and Hope

A compassion fatigue seminar designed to enhance your personal wellness. Read more...

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“Chris Marchand has provided a vocabulary and conceptual framework for those of us in care giving contexts to give expression to the common professional hazards of compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress syndrome. Through Chris's work we were able to distinguish compassion fatigue from professional burnout, and begin the journey toward healthy practices. Every care giver would benefit from Chris's seminar.”

Lloyd Letkeman
Regional Mobilizer – Central Canada
Mennonite Brethren Mission and Service International

“Dr. Marchand’s workshop is insightful and applicable for anyone involved in a care giving role – counselors, social workers, clergy, health care professionals, teachers.  Dr. Marchand not only engages the audience, but also provides a framework for understanding the specific experience of Compassion Fatigue, which can be commonly misidentified as burnout.”

Rachel French, B.S.W., R.S.W.
Social Worker
Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home
Winnipeg, Manitoba